Long-Term Care

Expertly implemented to address every clinical and personal care need in our residents, our Long-Term Care services cater to a wide range of clinical requirements, comfort levels, and personal preferences ensuing from age or disability.

The compassionate caregivers at Western Hills Healthcare Residence are known for establishing real relationships with our residents and spare no effort to enhance their overall sense of comfort. They are always affable and ready to assist when needed.

Fostering ongoing communication with area doctors and cultivating relationships with specialists in nearby hospitals, Western Hills Healthcare Residence ensures that the local medical community plays an integral role in the delivery of specialized LTC for our residents.

Our secure Memory Unit is entirely dedicated to the needs of individuals with mild to moderate levels of memory loss and draws on the small-town environment familiar to our residents.

Designed based on the latest research that emphasizes the importance of engaging patients with memory loss in activities that are meaningful, and stress free, our Memory Unit is a friendly and comfortable setting for our residents to feel at home, as well as a environment where they receive specialized clinical support in the protective care of our expert team.